High-End Datacenter


  • Maximum availability
  • Extensive certifications
  • Flexibly scalable
  • Located in Germany
  • Highest efficiency
  • Cost-effective, modular layout

SERVICE PROVIDER AWARD 2020 / noris network is winner of the Service Provider Award 2020 in the field of colocation / data center XXL!



  • High-security cage in certified, award-winning data centers
  • Many formats and performance categories are available
  • Use of high-strength materials
  • 24/7 access with logging and archiving
  • Power supply protected by multiple failover mechanisms
  • High-end fire protection
  • Modular, scalable climate control
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  • Maximum security
  • Highest scalability
  • Reproducibility through logging and archiving
  • Premium equipment
  • Best performance
  • High-density racks in any location without the risk of hot spots
  • Favorable cost-performance ratio
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  • Hosting in award-winning, certified data centers
  • 100 % redundancy for all important systems
  • Redundant A and B feeds
  • Supports scalability up to high-density rack (24 kVA)
  • Part racks as economic alternative to half racks
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  • Full scalability
  • Highest availability
  • Quick and competent on-site support by specialists
  • Economic tariffs for electricity and traffic
  • Favorable cost-performance ratio
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  • Tailor-made solutions matching the customer's requirements
  • Individual configuration meeting specific needs
  • Long-standing expertise in the high-security data center business
  • Modular climate control and power supply structure with patented CECC modules and KyotoCooling®
  • Innovative room-in-room concept with 24/7 monitoring
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Das Rechenzentrum in Muenchen Ost Aschheim - MUC5


  • Cost efficiency and minimized environmental impact
  • Supreme fire safety through award-winning fire protection concept
  • Highest standards in terms of security, availability and energy efficiency
  • Distribution of the setup across several fire compartments is possible
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Hardware Service

  • 24/7 monitoring of your servers and components
  • Guaranteed SLAs ensuring the availability of your hardware
  • Autonomous correction of errors and replacement of defective components
  • Coordination of suppliers and manufacturers' service staff
  • No need for your personal presence in the data center
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Remote Hands and Support

  • Trained staff on site
  • Processing of requests also possible outside administration hours
  • Defined response times
  • 24/7 reachability
  • Personal contact
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Colocation accessories

wie z. B.:

  • Uplink ports, also redundant
  • Managed rack switches, also as stack
  • Personalized rack access by means of transponder badge
  • Individual cabling
  • Additional multi-socket outlets
  • Switched PDUs (Power Distribution Units) that allow to measure and monitor every current output
  • Deposit boxes for secure storage of customer's own materials
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  • Distributed high-security data centers meeting highest security and availability standards
  • Path-redundant VLAN via own backbone
  • Dedicated data center coupling:

    - Dedicated, unused optical fiber link ("dark fiber")

    - Dedicated DWDM channel in own infrastructure

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  • Enhanced security through redundancy
  • Compliance with minimum separation requirements
  • Improved availability
  • Support of disaster recovery procedures
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All our data centers offer highest standards:

    • Full redundancy for air conditioning, energy supply and network connection
    • Located in Germany
    • Access control
    • Video surveillance
    • Fire protection
    • Emergency power system
    • Highly efficient UPS systems
    • Extensive certifications

    Maximum safety in the second construction phase in Nuremberg South, aligned to the requirements of TÜV TSI Level 4.

    Find the features of our data centers in detail attached!


Datacenter backbone

International backbone with double ring structure

More performance, more security – noris network’s own backbone links our high-security data centers and the most important Internet Exchange Points in Europe directly and with bandwidths of up to 4 Tbps.

Redundant locations with at least two POPs are available in Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Munich.

*just NBG3, NBG4 & NBG6; **just NBG6